Looking to add more spin to your game without sacrificing the comfort of Multifilament strings? The modern tennis game is all about power and spin, but not all players like the feel or harshness of Polyester strings. In this video we showcase some of our favorite shaped and textured strings that provide great bite on the ball, but not on your arm. Shown are some of our staff favorites: Solinco X-Natural, Gamma Ocho TNT, Gamma Ocho XP, Head Rip Control, and Volkl V Twist. For the Softest feel and most bite check out X-Natural or Gamma Ocho XP. Gamma Ocho TNT and Head Rip Control are two options with a little better durability and crisper feel, and Volkl V twist is the most traditional feeling Multi-filament of the bunch. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below, and thanks watching. Check these out and give them a try at TennisExpress.com!

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